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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vulnerable to Malware

NewsFactor Network: A Ph.D student in Israel says adding an innocuous app to the non-secure area of Samsung's Knox architecture can lead to malware compromising the secure area due to the security breach. Samsung's Knox is a state-of-the-art, secure mobile architecture, ...
RKill review

- 8 months ago @ Kill running malware processes that stop the use of normal anti-malware applications

State-sponsored or not, Sony Pictures malware “bomb” used slapdash code

- 8 months ago @ Malware was just good enough to do the job, perhaps what North Korea intended.

Verizon's data breach report can't find any mobile malware - so is it all hype?

- 4 months ago @ "I got 99 problems and mobile malware isn't even 1 percent of them"

iboss merges FireSphere with HP tech to combat ransomware

- 4 months ago @ The company says the upgrade allows FireSphere to detect malware intrusions and contain outbreaks immediately and automatically.

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New iPhone malware a problem, but only for jailbroken phones

USA TODAY: SAN FRANCISCO — News of scary new iPhone malware dubbed "Key Raider" is trending online, but there's a caveat — it only hits phones that are jailbroken. "The average iPhone user is not affected by this," said Tyler Reguly, manager of the ...

New Shifu Banking Trojan An 'Uber Patchwork' Of Malware Tools

Dark Reading: A dangerous new banking Trojan that combines elements from multiple existing malware tools has affected at least 14 banks in Japan and could be used to attack banks in other regions as well. Security researchers at IBM Security X Force who discovered ...

Your brand-new Android could have malware

The Hill: “Over the past year we have seen a significant increase in devices that are equipped with firmware-level spyware and malware out of the box which can take a wide range of unwanted and unknown actions,” G Data Product Manager Christian Geschkat said ...

Bought a brand-new phone? It could still have malware

CSO Online: A new phone is supposed to be a clean slate. But alarmingly, that's not always the case. Security company G Data has identified more than 20 mobile phones that have malware installed despite being marketed as new, according to a research report. And it ...

Microsoft Word Intruder Revealed - inside a malware construction kit

Naked Security: As the name suggests, Microsoft Word Intruder (MWI) focuses on sneaking malware onto your computer using booby-trapped Word files, rather than by using treacherous web links you have to click, or by embedding malicious Flash objects into poisoned ...

IBM: CoreBot malware - simple but dangerous info stealer

SC Magazine: IBM's X-Force research team has uncovered a new piece of data-swiping malware whose modular design allows it to be quickly altered and made even more dangerous. CoreBot's main threat is its ability to steal passwords stored in the endpoint's browser in ...

HP beefs up enterprise security suite with tools to root out malware, app

PCWorld: HP DNS Malware Analytics (DMA) monitors outbound DNS (Domain Name System) requests to ensure employee browsers aren't contacting rogue or malware Web sites. A DNS server provides specific numeric Internet addresses to end-user computers ...

Intel says GPU malware is no reason to panic, yet

CSO Online: Malware that runs inside GPUs (graphics processing units) can be harder to detect, but is not completely invisible to security products. Researchers from Intel division McAfee Labs teamed up with members of Intel's Visual and Parallel Computing Group ...









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Protecting Your Mac From Malware and Viruses

New York Times: Q. I thought Macs were supposed to be protected from malware, but I've gotten those fake tech support pop-ups and ads in Safari. I have to force the browser to quit to get away from them. Could my Mac be infected? A. Recent versions of Mac OS X include ...


Microsoft Rumored To Be Developing Malware Detonation Platform as a Service "The Sonar team builds and operates a VM based malware detonation platform as a service. Our system spins up 10's of thousands of VMs a day to detect malware and protect customers. We're deployed in places like the Windows App Store and Exchange ...

Microsoft's Project Sonar: Malware detonation as a service

ZDNet: Codenamed "Project Sonar," the service "dynamically analyzes millions of potential exploit & malware samples in VMs (virtual machines) and collects terabytes of data during that analysis every day," according to a recent Cloud and Enterprise Group job ...


Intel says GPU malware is no reason to panic—yet

PCWorld: Malware that runs inside GPUs (graphics processing units) can be harder to detect, but is not completely invisible to security products. Researchers from Intel division McAfee Labs teamed up with members of Intel's Visual and Parallel Computing Group ...


New malware detection engine stops cyber threats sooner

BetaNews: Attackers are increasingly capable of modifying their existing malware to slip into a victim's infrastructure undetected. Because traditional security solutions are reactive and can only protect against already known threat vectors this leaves a gap in ...

New Malware Breaks 'Impenetrable' Corporate Defenses, Strikes First In Philippines

This malware is capable of getting past sandbox-based gateway appliances, sold by companies like Fireeye and Fortinet, to land in unsuspecting email inboxes. Its discovery by security firm Quick Heal Technologies is set to kickstart a cat-and-mouse ...

Quick Heal Reports New Malware Designed to Infect Protected Networks

NDTV: Security software maker Quick Heal has identified a new malware sample that is able to breach the 'sandbox' protection in computers of many small, medium, and large companies, a senior company official has said. Detailed analysis of the malware sample ...

Detected: New malware bugging computers of small and large firms

Firstpost: Detailed analysis of the malware sample - APT-QH-4AG15 - revealed that it has been designed to infect highly protected networks. It also has several anti-sandbox tricks implemented within it, Quick Heal's Chief Technology Officer Sanjay Katkar said.

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day

Companies are struggling to fend off cyber attacks as hackers get faster, sneakier and more creative.

New Crypto-Ransomware Uses Next-Gen Encryption

A doozy of a new malware campaign uses powerful next-generation encryption to lock up your personal files, then demands you pay a ransom in Bitcoin to get the decryption key. The campaign spreads via malvertising, or malicious Web ads that can infect your PC when you click on them, or even just let them load onto your Web browser.


IoT malware and ransomware attacks on the incline: Intel Security

ZDNet: The report [PDF], titled McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2015, takes a look at GPU malware claims, online criminal exfiltration techniques, and the evolution of the threat landscape since 2010. It compares what researchers thought would have ...

The Myth of the Obvious Malware

Wouldn't it be nice if life were like a movie where we had the rugged handsomeness of a neo-noir hero, it was easy to tell the good guys from the bad and malware announced itself as soon as it entered your network? Alas, cyberattacks don't reveal ...

Hack Brief: Malware Hits 225000 (Jailbroken, Mostly Chinese) iPhones

Wired: With a track record of practically zero mass malware infections in its eight-year history, the iPhone is a remarkably secure little computer. That is, until you jailbreak it, removing essentially all of its operating system's security features, and ...

Worried about malware on your router? Here's how to keep it safe.

ITworld: Malware can not only harm your network and systems, but it can use your router to launch denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Web sites. This spring, the Web security firm Incapsula discovered a botnet composed of tens of thousands of routers that ...

Is mobile malware a lot of fuss over nothing?

New report from Verizon suggests smartphone malware is mostly ‘adnoyance’ – real dangers are still in desktop Mobile malware may be widespread, but it’s unlikely to be the source of disastrous data breaches such as the Sony hack any time soon, according to international telecoms firm Verizon . “We feel safe saying that while a major carrier is looking for and monitoring the security of mobile ...

Cisco Launches New Advanced Malware Protection Capabilities and Incident Response Services, Giving Customers Powerful ...

Cisco today unveiled a host of new capabilities and services that give security professionals extensive intelligence and analysis on potential compromises and solutions to protect against, respond to and ...

Report: Malware targeting Android smartphones on the rise

A report by German security firm G DATA found that the samples containing such malware had increased by 25 percent in the second quarter compared with the first three months of the year. The company's 10th such report, ...

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