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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vulnerable to Malware

NewsFactor Network: A Ph.D student in Israel says adding an innocuous app to the non-secure area of Samsung's Knox architecture can lead to malware compromising the secure area due to the security breach. Samsung's Knox is a state-of-the-art, secure mobile architecture, ...
Cisco adds extra FirePOWER to enterprise security portfolio

- 1 month ago @ Solutions provide on malware protection, firewalls and threat analysis.

DARPA-funded team says it can SMELL Android malware

- 1 month ago @ There once was a racehorse called 'Hoof-Hearted' A trio of DARPA-backed Iowa State University researchers have developed a tool to help speed up android malware analysis.…

Hackers are attacking the Internet's backbone, says Cisco

- 1 month ago @ Brute force used to distribute denial-of-service malware.

Verizon's data breach report can't find any mobile malware - so is it all hype?

- 1 month ago @ "I got 99 problems and mobile malware isn't even 1 percent of them"



Malware tricks users to elevate privileges, pwnage via Windows User Access

Network World: On the Cylance security firm blog, Derek Soeder discussed ShameOnUAC, a proof of concept malware that attacks Windows Explorer. It was developed by the Cylance SPEAR Team when the group was looking at the potential to subvert programs during ...

Government facility in 3 months to clean malware from mobiles, PCs

Economic Times: "We are setting up 'botnet' cleaning and malware analysis centre within three months. It will automatically detect botnets that trigger various cyber crimes and suggest the device owner to remove it from their device with help of our facility," IT ...

How can companies protect themselves from Point of Sale (POS) malware?

ITProPortal: Security researchers claim it is more advanced and harder to detect than previous malware, demonstrating that attackers are continuing to develop more sophisticated attacks on POS systems. As criminals become more innovative in their methods, and ...

eBay bug turns phishing email links into malware-stuffed booby prizes

The Register: eBay is racing to fix a second serious security flaw that may allow criminals to spread malware through files seemingly hosted by the online tat bazaar. The bug is closely related to an earlier one discovered by David Sopas, a researcher at security ...

PoS Malware Surge to Push NGFW Market Ahead

Thanks to the surge in point-of-sale (PoS) malware leading to major data breaches, ABI Research expects more enterprises to migrate from traditional to next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) in the coming years. The firm expects the total number of PoS ...

Malware infections spike on Memorial Day in DC

Federal Times: Malware infections tend to spike at times when users are more likely to be home, such as corporate holidays. In D.C., however, those numbers skyrocket when government employees are on vacation, particularly on federal holidays. Researchers at ...

Kim Kardashian website exposes fans to malware

SC Magazine UK: Kim Kardashian's official fan website,, could potentially expose visitors to cyber-attack, including identity theft and malware, security analyst, Jamie Woodruff, revealed on his blog. Though the site's administrators have been ...

Malware is not only about viruses – companies preinstall it all the time

The Guardian: To be sure, I am not talking about viruses. Malware is the name for a program designed to mistreat its users. Viruses typically are malicious, but software products and software preinstalled in products can also be malicious – and often are, when not ...



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How to prevent mobile malware in 3 easy steps

PCWorld: Looking only at the data provided by security firms, the world appears on the verge of a mobile malware apocalypse. The number of samples—which represent unique, but mostly automatically generated variants of malicious programs—exceeded 5 million in ...

Verizon's data breach report can't find any mobile malware - so is it all hype?

"I got 99 problems and mobile malware isn't even 1 percent of them"


Beware of New Malware Bioazih, Warns CERT-IN

BENGALURU: A new 'spear phishing' malware having the means to access systems through a Microsoft Office vulnerability has been spreading in the country, according to an advisory by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN).

Every 4 Seconds New Malware Is Born

Dark Reading: According to the G DATA SecurityLabs Malware Report, new malware types were discovered less than every four seconds and 4.1 million new strains were found in the second half of 2014, an increase of close to 125 percent over the first half. Over the ...

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day

Companies are struggling to fend off cyber attacks as hackers get faster, sneakier and more creative.


GTA 5 news, latest update: Malware appears on GTA V mods for PCs

Ecumenical News: After controversy erupted over Rockstar Games banning "GTA 5" PC players for using harmless single-player mods, some GTA mods have now been found to be installing malware onto the PCs of unsuspecting users. REUTERS/Mike Blake. Rockstar had ...

Popular GTA V mods come with unwanted malware

Although not everyone has reported being able to find evidence of the malware – which seems to come packaged as a file called fade.exe – gamers who have run the mods are warned to take no chances, and to change all their passwords to be on the safe ...

Is mobile malware a lot of fuss over nothing?

New report from Verizon suggests smartphone malware is mostly ‘adnoyance’ – real dangers are still in desktop Mobile malware may be widespread, but it’s unlikely to be the source of disastrous data breaches such as the Sony hack any time soon, according to international telecoms firm Verizon . “We feel safe saying that while a major carrier is looking for and monitoring the security of mobile ...


Phantom Menace hackers targeting oil sector with malware-free cyber attacks The researchers said that the lack of malware means the attacks are capable of bypassing most company's legacy signature-based defences and lets the hackers spend significant amounts of time in victims' systems. "No malware is ever used in the attack.


Malware upsurge threatens millions of POS devices

Help Net Security: The most sophisticated attacks are highly targeted, deploying hard-to-detect, customized malware, and requiring substantial lateral movement within a compromised network for effective detection. Smaller businesses that do not have dedicated information ...

Phishing and Malware Cyberattacks are Directed at Law Firms (and Clients

Above the Law: No surprises about where cyberattacks are focused as reported recently that about 45% of IT security decision makers are worried about “phishing attacks, and employees clicking on links within email which download malware and email attachments which ...

Security lessons from the NSA malware defense report

TechTarget: New consideration should be given to the agency as its new report -- Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware -- contains helpful tips that should be included in an enterprise security strategy. In this tip, I will cover the key points of the ...

Chinese hackers used Microsoft TechNet platform to hide malware distribution

Digital Trends: As companies and governments around the world continue to improve their security in response to the threat posed by individuals, groups and state-sponsored hackers, the makers of the world's most malicious software need to evolve their game too. Which ...

Malicious, large-scale Google ad campaign slams users with malware

A large number of ads distributed by a Google advertising partner redirected users to Web-based exploits that attempted to install malware on users’ computers. Security researchers from Dutch security firm Fox-IT observed the malvertising campaign Tuesday, when ads coming through a Google partner in Bulgaria called Engage Lab started redirecting users to the Nuclear Exploit Kit. Exploit kits are ...

Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Internet Security 10 betas now available

Emsisoft has announced that beta versions of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 10 are now available for testing. The headline improvement is in scan speed, with Emsisoft claiming a typical malware scan fell from 5 minutes 42 seconds to 57 seconds, an 83 percent drop. A new ability to set up multiple scheduled scans gives you far more flexibility. You can run quick scans every ...

Cisco adds extra FirePOWER to enterprise security portfolio

Solutions provide on malware protection, firewalls and threat analysis.


Reduce the risk of downloading Windows malware on the Internet

If you download software programs regularly for Windows, you probably do your due diligence when it comes to making sure that the programs are safe and not malicious in nature. While you find lots of clean programs on the Internet for the operating ...

Newer versions of Windows are getting better at protecting against malware

WinBeta: We can also assume that, barring some catastrophe, Windows 10 will improve upon this trend. The latest versions of both Windows client and server operating systems had the lowest malware infection rates during the period being polled, “by a large ...

Microsoft: Latest Versions of Windows Are More Secure Against Malware

Softpedia News: Windows has always been the preferred target for malware creators across the world, mostly because it's the number one operating system on the desktop, but the latest versions of the OS released by Microsoft make it a lot harder to infect a computer.

Backdoor bot brains snatched after cops, white hats raid servers

Password-stealing, malware-spreading Simda nasty found on 770,000 PCs Microsoft and Interpol have teamed up to derail a malware infection that compromised more than 770,000 Windows PCs worldwide.…

Use of Windows XP makes European ATMs vulnerable to malware attacks

For the first time, a country in Western Europe has reported that malware attacks were used by hackers to steal €1.23 million (US$1.32 million) from ATMs. One major problem is the continued use of Windows XP in ATMs, making them more vulnerable to attacks, a report on ATM fraud said. The report does not specify which country reported the malware attacks, said Lachlan Gunn, executive director the ...


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